News and Events

ACCELERATE Parallel Session in SYNERGI 2018 SYnchrotron and NEutron Radiation Go Industrial
08 March 2018, NEMO Science Museum Amsterdam – The Netherlands

CERIC will take part in the SYNERGY 2018 event “SYnchrotron and NEutron Radiation Go Industrial “ through the ACCELERATE parallel session on the 8th of March 2018 at the NEMO Science Museum in Amsterdam…read more here.

Learn more about the industrial applications of nanotechnology at the ‘Nanotechnology: From Materials to Science’ conference
15-16 February 2018, Prague – Czech Republic

ESP is inviting you, together with CERIC, ESS, and HZG, to take part in the Nanotechnology from Materials to Science conference, which will take place at the Charles University in Prague, Czech Republic, on 15-16 February 2018…read more hereCERIC meets the scientific community in Serbia through ACCELERATE
15 January 2018, University of Belgrade – Serbia

As part of the outreach actions organized in the framework of the ACCELERATE project, CERIC delivered a presentation on Monday, January 15th in the University of Belgrade to researchers and science enthusiasts under the theme: CERIC-ERIC, Central European Excellence for Research in Material and Life Sciencesread more here.

Workshop on Human Resources in ERICs
Graz, Austria – 17 November 2017 

On November 17th, CERIC and ELI organised a workshop on Human Resources management in ERICs. The event was a great occasion for ERICs’ managers and administrative personnel to discuss common challenges related to HR practices and processes …read more hereResearch Infrastructures in ACCELERATE on the way to develop an improved methodology on socio-economic impact assessment
15 November 2017, Munich – Germany 

On November 15th, representatives from CERIC, ELI, the European Spallation Source, the Helmoltz-Centre Geesthacht and FRM II met in Garching to continue the development of a methodology for the monitoring and assessment of socio-economic returns of Research Infrastructures (RIs)….read more here

CERIC links researchers to entrepreneurs to encourage collaborations
20 October 2017, CERIC Headquarters, Trieste – Italy

On October 20th, CERIC organized a Research to Business (R2B) meeting to connect industrial companies and researchers from the Italian Partner Facility at Elettra, and from the Slovenian one at the SloNMR, with the aim of strengthening the relation between the parties and therefore encouraging and building future collaborations…read more here.

CERIC Special Session at the 19th Conference of Czech and Slovak Physicists
Prešov – Slovakia, 4 – 7 September 2017

In the framework of the H2020 ACCELERATE project, CERIC took part in the 19th Conference of Czech and Slovak Physicists with a Special Session focused on the opportunities for open access offered by the Consortium. The conference was held at the Faculty of Humanities and Natural Sciences in Prešov, Slovakia, on 4-7 September 2017…read more here.

Research meets Business via ACCELERATE: Fostering collaboration between CERIC and the industry
CERIC Headquarters, Trieste – Italy, 20 October 2017

CERIC-ERIC is bringing together researchers from its partner facilities and industry representatives for a one day Research to Business (R2B) meeting at the CERIC headquarters in Trieste on October 20th, with the objective of encouraging and strengthening the collaboration between the parties…read more here

Training and networking activities at the CERIC-CEI CONTACT workshop brought together researchers from 14 countries in Central and Eastern Europe
CERIC Headquarters, Trieste – Italy, 26/27 June 2017

27 participants from 14 countries in Central and Eastern Europe attended the CONTACT workshop, CERIC-CEI training on advanced materials characterisation in Large Scale Research Infrastructures. The event was organized within the scope of the CEI Cooperation Activities – part of the CEI Plan of Action 2016 priorities, and was co-funded by the H2020 ACCELERATE project…read more here

SAVE THE DATE: CONTACT workshop will be live-streamed on June 26th at 2p.m.
CERIC Headquarters, Trieste – Italy, 26/27 June 2017

We are counting the days to welcome the participants for a fruitful and knowledge sharing experience at the CERIC-ERIC’s headquarters in Trieste. The good news is that we are offering the opportunity for everyone to benefit from it: that is not only the 160 applicants who couldn’t be physically present with us, but also the general public…read more here.

ACCELERATE WP1 leaders at the Eu-SPRI Conference
Vienna – Austria, 7-9 June 2017

Mrs. Leonie Van Drooge (Senior Researcher at the Rathenau institute) presented the work she and colleague Dr. Jasper Deuten (Coordinator at the Rathenau institute) do for ACCELERATE at the annual Eu-SPRI conference, which hosted an audience of fellows in the field of research and impact evaluation…read more here.

CONTACT workshop: CERIC-CEI Training in advanced material characterisation in Large Scale Research Infrastructures
CERIC Headquarters, Trieste – Italy, 26/27 June 2017


CERIC-ERIC and the Central European Initiative – CEI are glad to invite you to the CONTACT workshop, taking place at the CERIC headquarters in Trieste, on 26-27 June, 2017. The CONTACT workshop is open to researchers at any career stage, working in fields requiring advanced materials characterization more here

Satellite Event at the NESY Winterschool 2017
Altaussee – Austria, 6 March 2017

Students and early stage researchers interested in analytical techniques attended the CERIC satellite workshop that took place on the 6th of March along the well-known NESY Winterschool in Altaussee, Austria. The event, organized by CERIC within the framework of the ACCELERATE project – presented complementary methods for the analysis and characterization of advanced materials…read more here.

Workshop on Human Resources in ERICs
Rome – Italy, 21 February 2017

On February 21, the CERIC-MIUR workshop on Human Resources in ERICs, co-funded by the MIUR and the EC H2020 project ACCELERATE, was held in Rome. The event focused on some of the topics of greatest interest to RIs managers: human resources, their management and the most difficult aspects of their regulations in an intergovernmental framework such as that of the ERICs…read more here.

ACCELERATE kick-off meeting
Trieste – Italy, 26 January 2017

On January 26th, 12 representatives of project partners from six countries, gathered at the CERIC-ERIC headquarters in Trieste to launch the H2020 funded project ACCELERATE. The project’s main objective is to help ensuring the long term sustainability of Research Infrastructures in general and ERICs in particular. Under the coordination of CERIC-ERIC, the project…read more here.