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Research meets Business via ACCELERATE: Fostering collaboration between CERIC and the industry
CERIC Headquarters, Trieste – Italy, 20 October 2017

CERIC-ERIC is bringing together researchers from its partner facilities and industry representatives for a one day Research to Business (R2B) meeting at the CERIC headquarters in Trieste on October 20th, with the objective of encouraging and strengthening the collaboration between the parties.

During the event, organized in the framework of the ACCELERATE project and in collaboration with the project partners, researchers will present some of the applications of synchrotron techniques and Nuclear Magnetic Resonance (NMR), for sectors such as textile, food, biomedical and polymers. Using these and other complementary techniques, it is possible to perform quantitative and qualitative chemical and biochemical characterisation of organic and inorganic molecules with a micrometric and nano-metric resolution, study mass transport processes, as well as the morphology and the electronic properties of complex materials, among others.

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Training and networking activities at the CERIC-CEI CONTACT workshop brought together researchers from 14 countries in Central and Eastern Europe
CERIC Headquarters, Trieste – Italy, 26/27 June 2017

27 participants from 14 countries in Central and Eastern Europe attended the CONTACT workshop, CERIC-CEI training on advanced materials characterisation in Large Scale Research Infrastructures, held at the CERIC headquarters in Trieste, on 26-27 June 2017. The event was organized within the scope of the CEI Cooperation Activ
ities – part of the CEI Plan of Action 2016 priorities, and was co-funded by the H2020 ACCELERATE project. It brought together researchers from Austria, Albania, Belarus, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, FYR of Macedonia, Georgia, Moldova, Montenegro, Serbia, Slovakia, Slovenia, Turkey and Ukraine, to get them acquainted with the techniques available in CERIC for the analysis and synthesis of materials and biomaterials in large-scale facilities, and with the related open access procedures. One of the goals was to stimulate researchers from target countries to become active users in the future and increase their contribution to excellent science in the European Research Area, by presenting their research proposals at the upcoming calls for open access to large-scale research infrastructures such as CERIC.

The programme of the workshop focused on both theoretical lectures on synchrotron, ion beam and magnetic resonance spectroscopy based techniques, and practical tutorials on synchrotron beamlines at the Italian CERIC facility, Elettra Sincrotrone Trieste.

Participants with backgrounds in chemistry, physics, mathematics, genetics, ecology and engineering, as well as representatives of National Contact Points for H2020-Research Infrastructures, were introduced to techniques that can be useful for theirs and their fellows’ current and future research studies, and to the solutions that CERIC facilities can provide in a wide variety of scientific fields. The workshop was also a valuable opportunity for networking, and setting up future collaborations and projects among attendees and the institutions they belong to.

Participants highly appreciated in particular the guided tour through the synchrotron, as well as the group visits to target beamlines with expert scientists, and expressed the wish to further deepen their knowledge about the instruments and techniques available in the CERIC facilities.

The events’ lectures were broadcasted online in live-streaming and are still available in this link.

You can watch the photo gallery of the event in this link

You can watch the video where participants share their feedback and opinion in this link.

You can download the presentations from the first day’s sessions in this link

SAVE THE DATE: CONTACT workshop will be live-streamed on June 26th at 2p.m.
CERIC Headquarters, Trieste – Italy, 26/27 June 2017

We are currently few days away from the CONTACT Workshop, CERIC-CEI Training in advanced material characterisation in Large Scale Research Infrastructures. We are counting the days to welcome the participants for a fruitful and knowledge sharing experience at the CERIC-ERIC’s headquarters in Trieste. The good news is that we are offering the opportunity for everyone to benefit from it: that is not only the 160 applicants who couldn’t be physically present with us, but also the general public.

You can watch the livestream of the CONTACT workshop in THIS LINK.

The programme of the workshop is focused on both theoretical lectures and practical tutorials on synchrotron beamlines, and that is to ensure the well transfer of balanced information to the participants. The purpose is to introduce them to techniques that can be useful for their current and future research studies, as well as to help them widen their knowledge about different solutions that CERIC facilities can provide in different scientific fields. Moreover, the workshop is planned in a way that gives the opportunity and time for participants to network for future collaborations and projects, since it will be a great meeting occasion for researchers from different countries and fields.

ACCELERATE WP1 leaders at the Eu-SPRI Conference
Vienna – Austria, 7-9 June 2017

Mrs. Leonie Van Drooge (Senior Researcher at the Rathenau institute) presented the work she and colleague Dr. Jasper Deuten (Coordinator at the Rathenau institute) do for ACCELERATE at the annual Eu-SPRI conference, which hosted an audience of fellows in the field of research and impact evaluation.

Mrs. Van Drooge is leader of the task to develop an approach to monitor and evaluate the societal impact of the research infrastructures. She presented the first outline of the approach which builds upon concepts and practices that Mrs. Van Drooge and Dr. Deuten, as well as colleagues, have developed over the last decade. It also takes into account the requirements imposed upon the
research infrastructures.

CONTACT workshop: CERIC-CEI Training in advanced material characterisation in Large Scale Research Infrastructures
CERIC Headquarters, Trieste – Italy, 26/27 June 2017

CERIC-ERIC and the Central European Initiative – CEI are glad to invite you to the CONTACT workshop, taking place at the CERIC headquarters in Trieste, on 26-27 June, 2017.

Who should attend?
The CONTACT workshop is open to researchers at any career stage, working in fields requiring advanced materials characterization and having none or limited experience in the use of large-scale research infrastructures.

Activity and scope
Through interactive sessions held by internationally known scientists, including both theoretical lectures and practical tutorials on synchrotron beamlines, you will get acquainted with the scientific opportunities offered by CERIC. In addition, you will acquire all necessary knowledge to access state-of-the-art techniques for the analysis and synthesis of materials and biomaterials in large-scale facilities.

Registration is free of charge and will be open until May 31st. Since limited places are available, we encourage you to register at your earliest convenience through the online registration form.

A limited number of grants, covering the full costs of travel and accommodation, will be available for participants from the following countries: Albania, Belarus, Bosnia and Herzegovina, FYROMacedonia, Moldova, Montenegro, Serbia, Slovakia, Turkey and Ukraine.

CERIC Headquarters, S.S. 14, km 163,5 in AREA Science Park, 34149 – Basovizza (Trieste) – Italy.

The workshop will be held in English.

Download the flyer here.
CONTACT project website.

The CONTACT workshop is organized in the framework of the CONTACT project – co-funded by the Central European Initiative – and of the ACCELERATE project, which has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement N. 731112

Satellite Event at the NESY Winterschool 2017
Altaussee – Austria, 6 March 2017

Students and early stage researchers interested in analytical techniques attended the CERIC satellite workshop that took place on the 6th of March along the well-known NESY Winterschool in Altaussee, Austria. The event, organized by CERIC within the framework of the ACCELERATE project – presented complementary methods for the analysis and characterization of advanced materials.

The meeting introduced CERIC and its scientific offer, with a special focus on Electron Microscopy, Ion Beam Analysis techniques and NMR Spectroscopy for Structural Characterization.

One of the aims, in line with the ACCELERATE goals, was to support the outreach activities of CERIC in the macro-region along eastern EU, in order to attract new users by encouraging young scientists to use the techniques available in the Consortium, also with a multi-technique approach.
Finally, the workshop highlighted the possibilities of the Consortium to act as a versatile and strong partner in sponsored research projects.

Workshop on Human Resources in ERICs
Rome – Italy, 21 February 2017

On February 21, the CERIC-MIUR workshop on Human Resources in ERICs, co-funded by the MIUR and the EC H2020 project ACCELERATE, was held in Rome. The event focused on some of the topics of greatest interest to RIs managers: human resources, their management and the most difficult aspects of their regulations in an intergovernmental framework such as that of the ERICs.

Representatives of the Italian Ministry of Education, University and Research – MIUR, including Gianluigi Consoli, Francesco Ciardiello and Antonio Di Donato, Prof. Carlo Rizzuto – President of the General Assembly of CERIC-ERIC and director general of ELI-DC, and Andrea Crivelli – CERIC consultant with decades of experience in the management of human resources presented the existing problems in this area from the legal and financial points of view, in order to find possible viable solutions also as a result of the exchange of the participants’ experiences on the subject. After a first presentation of the EU Charter for Researchers, Crivelli showed the critical issues related to the mobility of the staff of research institutions, to compulsory and complementary pensions, to contracts and health care, and the related economic issues.

All instances and questions raised during the meeting will be collected and presented at one of the upcoming ERIC Network Meetings, that bring together representatives of the ERICs and the European Commission, with the aim of formulating answers and solutions that interweave and take into account both national and European aspects.

ACCELERATE kick-off meeting
Trieste – Italy, 26 January 2017

On January 26th, 12 representatives of project partners from six countries, gathered at the CERIC-ERIC headquarters in Trieste to launch the H2020 funded project ACCELERATE. The project’s main objective is to help ensuring the long term sustainability of Research Infrastructures in general and ERICs in particular. Under the coordination of CERIC-ERIC, the project partners will tackle issues ranging from socio-economic return of Research Infrastructures to concrete practical issues like international mobility of employees or intellectual property rights.

The Kick-off meeting provided the partners, including the European Spallation Source ERIC and the Extreme Light Infrastructure, with the platform to present their contribution to the project, plan the first steps, and get acquainted with the project’s management structure and formalities.

The event was also a forum for the partnership to meet in person, share views and ideas and strengthen the network of research infrastructures.