CERIC training for industrial PhD students through case studies from ACCELERATE

13 April 2018, Barcelona – Spain

How to select the most suitable companies for projects’ partnerships? How to formulate the elevator pitch of a research project for target industrial partners? What are the key aspects for a strong Research Infrastructures – Industry collaboration?

These are some of the questions answered by Angela Zennaro, Industrial Liaison Officer at CERIC, at the industrial trainings for twenty PhD students, organized by the Consortium of University Services of Catalonia (CSUC) on April 13th in Barcelona.

The courses aimed to strengthen students’ skills in creating a Business-Research network and a robust collaborative environment, through tangible case studies and examples from companies and research organizations.

A. Zennaro presented the model CERIC adopts to collaborate with industry, and explained the preparatory steps for the definition of targets, tools and actions needed to set-up a fruitful collaboration. Network building was also discussed. The example of the work carried out by CERIC in the framework of the ACCELERATE H2020 project to build and enlarge its industrial network was presented. The training session ended with a practical exercise in which the students proposed possible actions to widen the network and increase collaboration with the industrial community.