COVID-19 Research

In order to facilitate the research on the COVID-19, CERIC has set up a dedicated Fast Track Access to a selected number of instruments.


Fast Track Access for COVID-19 Research 
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COVID-19 Activities in collaboration with the ERF 

  • 1st Questionnaire: Research Infrastructures’ COVID-19 Research

In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, several Research Infrastructures (RIs) have set up specific services, such as rapid or fast track access, to allow researchers to obtain results as soon as possible. To facilitate their use by researchers, CERIC collected the relevant information about the initiatives. The input is available in this dedicated page and counts more than 50 RI’s COVID-19 services.

  • 2nd Questionnaire: Working practices of analytical facilities during the pandemic

To support analytical facilities’ safe operations during the COVID-19 pandemic, CERIC in collaboration with the ERF, collected the current safety measures of national and pan-European Infrastructures. A report was developed including best practices on safety measures that large analytical facilities can adopt when re-opening operations during the pandemic. It also discusses issues and possible future decisions faced by analytical facilities during crisis.

  • 3rd Questionnaire: Evolution of operations at analytical facilities during and post-COVID-19 pandemic

The perspectives and mindsets for Research Infrastructures’ operations during COVID-19 are evolving. To better understand the lasting consequences of the last months, European Research Infrastructures were invited to share their views and experiences. A report was developed highlighting the changes and challenges that 27 analytical facilities faced at the end of October 2020, just before the rise of the second wave, which severely interrupted their activities.