Accelerate Your Idea: Technology transfer – Industry networking combined workshop

How to develop industrially relevant ideas and transfer them outside of the Research Infrastructures (RIs)? How to overcome their legal, Intellectual property (IP) and finance- related challenges at the implementation stage? How to shape those ideas to make them attractive for the industrial market?  These questions, among others were discussed at the ACCELERATE workshop organised by ESS in 07-08 March in Lund.

The events brought together ACCELERATE project partners working on Work Package 3 and their related partner facilities. This includes Technology Transfer officers and researchers with ideas which can be transferred to the market.

Moreover, representatives from technical, legal and innovation & business support organisations have also participated in the event.

The objective of the workshop were to:

  • help participants in developing their ideas in a practical way,
  • train them on pitching their ideas to industry,
  • discuss the various challenges which could be faced,
  • support them in defining the implementation stages,
  • network with the industry representatives and explore potential future opportunities.

The best idea was selected by the innovation committee and will receive dedicated support to be promoted to industry. The winner of the competition was Max Burian from CERIC’s Austrian Partner Facility TU Graz.


The program of the workshop can be found here.