Submit your responses to the questionnaire on KPIs in RIs by September 26th

The EU Competitiveness Council, in its conclusions from May 2018 [1] “invited Member States and the Commission within the framework of ESFRI to develop a common approach for monitoring of their performance and invited the Pan-European Research Infrastructures, on a voluntary basis, to include it in their governance and explore options to support this through the use of Key Performance Indicators”.

ERF, with the support of CERIC through the H2020 project ACCELERATE, would like to collect opinions on the topic from its Members, and from other research infrastructures and ERICs, in order to contribute to the implementation of the Council Conclusion. We therefore kindly ask you to reply to 7 questions and, if possible and needed, support your opinion with a comment. Estimated time needed to complete the survey: 5 minutes.

Please find the explanatory note at this link, which could help you with the task.

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[1] Council conclusions on “Accelerating knowledge circulation in the EU”, 9507/18 , adopted on Brussels, 29 May 2018.