Workshop on Human Resources in ERICs

21 February 2017, Rome – Italy

On February 21, the CERIC-MIUR workshop on Human Resources in ERICs, co-funded by the MIUR and the EC H2020 project ACCELERATE, was held in Rome. The event focused on some of the topics of greatest interest to RIs managers: human resources, their management and the most difficult aspects of their regulations in an intergovernmental framework such as that of the ERICs.

Representatives of the Italian Ministry of Education, University and Research – MIUR, including Gianluigi Consoli, Francesco Ciardiello and Antonio Di Donato, Prof. Carlo Rizzuto – President of the General Assembly of CERIC-ERIC and director general of ELI-DC, and Andrea Crivelli – CERIC consultant with decades of experience in the management of human resources presented the existing problems in this area from the legal and financial points of view, in order to find possible viable solutions also as a result of the exchange of the participants’ experiences on the subject. After a first presentation of the EU Charter for Researchers, Crivelli showed the critical issues related to the mobility of the staff of research institutions, to compulsory and complementary pensions, to contracts and health care, and the related economic issues.

All instances and questions raised during the meeting will be collected and presented at one of the upcoming ERIC Network Meetings, that bring together representatives of the ERICs and the European Commission, with the aim of formulating answers and solutions that interweave and take into account both national and European aspects.