Applicability and challenges related to the Charter for Open Access to Research Infrastructures

Executive summary

In the EC’s Communication A new ERA for Research and Innovation, The Commission proposes that Member States reinforce their commitment to shared policies and principles, drawing on the 20 years of the ERA, by adopting a Pact for Research and Innovation (Pact) . In the field of Research Infrastructures (RIs), a relevant contribution to such a Pact could be the Charter for Access to Research Infrastructures (Charter) . Since the Pact preparation is planned for the first half of 2021, the present document reviews its applicability and raises the potential need for a revision. It is considered that the Charter needs to cover a vast community of research infrastructures, hence its rather general; however, this needs to be weighed against its usability. For example, the current lack of some key definitions, such as scientific excellence, peer review, and restricted access, makes it possible for many different practices to qualify as excellence-based mode, defying the Charter’s purpose.

 Download the paper here in Zenodo platform (10.5281/zenodo.4475207).