Work Packages – WPs

The ACCELERATE project consists of 7 work packages, each covering a specific area of the project. To find out more about the tasks and deliverables, click on each work package below:


WP1 aims at developing policies, methodologies, funding plans and human resources elements of sustainability of European RIs, with special focus on those using, adopting or contemplating the ERIC model, and of CERIC specifically. Read more.

► WP2. Open Data, Access and Publication Policies

The general objective of this work package is the development of the RI policies, which will make CERIC more accessible to users (pilots in WP5), compliant with the Open Research Data Pilot. Read more.

► WP3. Industrial Liaison, Outreach and Technology Transfer Management

WP3 has the goal to develop policies and procedures for commercial access, to be embodied in sets of model documents (commercial access/service contracts, NDA/CDA, IP agreements, etc.), which will be compiled in a handbook of commercial access, which would be further reusable by other RIs.  Read more.

► WP4. Enlargement and International Cooperation

In WP4, by using the existing contacts of its partner facilities, CERIC will identify scientific communities in low performing countries such as Ukraine, Albania, Serbia etc., to increase its outreach. Read more.

► WP5. Pilots of Open Access

In WP5, CERIC is going to realize open access pilots following the policies and procedures prepared in the scope of WP2. Read more.

► WP6. Communication and Dissemination

The WP Communication and Dissemination aims at enhancing a two-way dialogue between the project and the project’s main stakeholders, as well as among the project partners themselves. Read more.

► WP7. Management

The WP Management is meant to ensure the smooth execution of the project from start to finish. Read more.