In-kind Contributions in the Life of an ERIC

CERIC organized a workshop focused on in-kind contributions within Research Infrastructures, in particular in ERICs. The event took place at the premises of the TUM Entrepreneurship Research Institute (ERI) in Garching on 05th December 2019.

The workshop brought together representatives from more than 24 different Research Infrastructures and organizations to increase awareness about the emerging best practices related to in-kind contributions and find the best approach to solve the pending issues and different interpretations.

The program of the workshop was develop based on the most common issues faced within in-kind contributions in the ERIC framework. In order to present a complete overview of the topic, the workshop was designed to consider both the aspects of in-kind contribution from the organization receiving it as well as from the organization providing it.


Scope of the workshop:

The  contributions to the ERICs by the Member can be in cash and in-kind, as detailed in most ERIC Statutes. Members of ERICs choose to contribute in-kind, for different reasons.

Two main cases of in-kind contributions can be distinguished: a) contributions to the construction and operation of an RI by procuring and transferring goods and services and b) contribution to the implementation and operation of an RI by making available existing facilities, which may be improved “in-situ” within the contributing member during the ERIC operation. Both cases include challenges which need to be addressed by exchanging experience and developing best practice approach and, if needed, further development of the ERIC Framework.In the workshop, the following aspects will be presented and discussed:

  • Outline and analysis of different cases and types of in-kind contributions in the different ERIC’s frameworks, and related aspects (e.g. procurement and taxation),
  • The scientific/technical and financial evaluation of in-kind contributions: – how to define a-priori their costs or how the values are recognized by the involved parties and reported in the budgets and accounts, – why it is important to know and report these values also for existing facilities.
  • How to share the experience in different ERICs and build a possible way forward.

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Speakers’ presentations: