CERIC at the Research Infrastructures and Contract Research Workshop

30 October 2018, Sarajevo – Bosnia and Herzegovina

CERIC took part in the Research Infrastructures and Contract Research Workshop, which was jointly organized by the RCC (Regional Cooperation Council) and the JRC (Joint Research Centre).

The event focused on state-of-play assessment of the road mapping process of Research Infrastructures in the Western Balkans as well as on the exchange of best practices in contract research. It was planned as peer-learning event that highlights examples of possible measures that are being implemented in region and in the EU to support increased contract research services.

In this regard, CERIC presented part its access procedures developed in the framework of the ACCELERATE project. This includes the Promotional Open Access, through which CERIC offers personalised support to researchers from the EU’s eastern border countries for the preparation of their proposal, measurements, data analysis and publication of the results and the services CERIC offers to proprietary research.

The event’s agenda can be found here.