CERIC links researchers to entrepreneurs to encourage collaborations

20 October 2017, CERIC Headquarters, Trieste – Italy

On October 20th, CERIC organised a Research to Business (R2B) meeting to connect industrial companies and researchers from the Italian Partner Facility at Elettra, and from the Slovenian one at the SloNMR, with the aim of strengthening the relation between the parties and therefore encouraging and building future collaborations.

Over 10 regional and international companies took part in the meeting. Their fields of expertise and operation span the production of polyamide and clinical diagnostics, nutrition, vacuum technology, coatings and polymers based on nanotechnology.

The meeting was organised in the scope of the ACCELERATE project. It focused on the industrial applications of Nuclear Magnetic Resonance (NMR), and of Infrared (IR) and nano IR Raman Spectroscopy. A number of invited companies presented some of their own experiences and innovations stemming from previous collaborations with Elettra and SloNMR. This led to fruitful discussion between all participants, who took the opportunity to ask very specific questions about the presented methods and techniques and on the possibility of future collaborations.

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