Uzhhorod National University in Ukraine and the H2020 project ACCELERATE

Creating bridges and collaborations in scientific research across Europe is an important factor to foster research and innovation in the European Research Area.

Through the Uzhhorod National University (UZHNU), that is the ACCELERATE project partner in Ukraine, we aim to reduce the barriers that prevent researchers from the region to create a stronger user community which accesses and uses the facilities of European Research Infrastructures.

Scientists of the UZHNU have been organizing a set of outpost events in Ukraine in the frame of ACCELERATE, to raise awareness among the research community in Ukraine and neighbouring countries about the possibility of using different advanced techniques of analysis in research focused on Material, Biomaterials and Nanotechnology. In particular, the CERIC open access opportunities are presented by the UZHNU in satellite events organized in parallel to international scientific conferences.

Even during the COVID-19 pandemic, the ACCELERATE project partner Uzhhorod National University had been active in raising awareness among the research community in Ukraine about the opportunities available for them in CERIC, in particulate the Fast Track open access for COVID-19 research.

In that regard, two online events took place:

  • The first was the online ACCELERATE Satellite Session at the International scientific conference ‘’Environmental Safety of The Carpathian EuroRegion’’, which was held on 11th May 2020. The event brought together nearly 30 researchers to expand their knowledge about CERIC, its Partner Facilities and the open access opportunities. The program of this online event incorporated also presentations of research results, which allowed scientists and participants to exchange knowledge and updates about different scientific topics.
  • The second was the webinar organized by the National Academy of Sciences in Ukraine and the Horizon2020 National Contact Point for Infrastructures in Ukraine on 19th June 2020. During the webinar, the UZHNU presented ACCELERATE and their involvement* in the project through the activities and achievements accomplished so far. The event was also an opportunity to present CERIC, as the coordinator of the project, its Partner facilities and COVID-19 related activities.

*Article available here.