WP4 – Enlargement and International Cooperation

In WP4, by using the existing contacts of its partner facilities, CERIC will identify scientific communities in low performing countries such as Ukraine, Albania, Serbia etc., to increase its outreach.

The specific task objectives of this work package are:

  • Develop policies to support collaboration of CERIC with other institutions world-wide and, thus, lay a necessary stepping stone for CERIC global linking and impact. These policies will cover staff exchanges, share of instrument access time, lending and letting equipment in a consistent and balanced manner.
  • Create a policy framework for institutional collaboration of CERIC with entities in the countries where CERIC already has an infrastructure, as CERIC nodes gradually assume the role of national entry points for access to CERIC installations.
  • Support the outreach activities of CERIC into the macro-region along the eastern EU borderline in order to attract new user communities to the infrastructures and to strengthen ERA role in that region.


  • D4.1: Final report on the progress in preparing the model documents for international cooperation agreements.
  • D4.2: Report on the outpost events. Download.
  • D4.3: Report on schools. Download.
  • D4.4: Report on the trainings of the UZHNU team by CERIC. Download.
  • D4.5: Outpost trainee reporting. Download.
  • D4.6: Report on the outreach events. Download.