WP1 – Sustainability and Responding to Challenges

WP1 aims at developing policies, methodologies, funding plans and human resources elements of sustainability of European RIs, with special focus on those using, adopting or contemplating the ERIC model, and of CERIC specifically.

The specific task objectives of this work package are:

  • Efficient assembly of optimal funding portfolio of multinational European RIs.
  • Development and application methodology for social impact (return) assessment of national and multinational RIs.
  • Development of a policy white paper for advanced operational aspects of ERICs.
  • Training of future ERIC managerial staff.


  • D1.1: Compilation of funding sources available in Europe, its countries and regions relevant to CERIC and HZG.
  • D1.2: Report on the sustainability plan of CERIC formulated using inputs of all WPs of the project.
  • D1.3: Methodology for evaluation of social impact of RIs. Download.
  • D1.4: Report on the application of methodology in D1.3 on CERIC, ESS, ELI, HZG and FRMII.
  • D1.5: Aggregate social return report.
  • D1.6: Report on progress of negotiations of VAT/excise duty exemption in Czech Republic, Hungary and Romania.
  • D1.7: White paper of international employment model and staff mobility.
  • D1.8: White paper of comprehensive methodology for in-kind contributions and audit.
  • D1.9: Compilation of 4 reports of 4 seminars of RI managerial staff training.