WP2 – Open Data, Access and Publication Policies

The general objective of this work package is the development of the RI policies, which will make CERIC more accessible to users (pilots in WP5), compliant with the Open Research Data Pilot. These include care for harmonization of policies in the “standard” Open Access calls and preparation of the pilots for non-standard calls, so that the latter retain the necessary features of being based on peer-review.

The specific objectives of this work package are:

  • Harmonization of open access policies of the RI partners and preparation of open access pilots (to be executed in WP5): Feasibility fast track OA pilot and the Promotion OA pilot.
  • Joint development of a policy for publications of research at RIs and the use of this as a measure of RI performance/quality.
  • Adoption of the Open Research Data Pilot.


  • D2.1: Report on comparison of OA procedures at the partners in task 2.1. Download.
  • D2.2: Organization of the feasibility fast track pilot to fit the scheme set by regular OA calls: Download.
  • D2.3: Organization of the outreach promotion pilot to fit the scheme set by regular OA calls. Download.
  • D2.4: Report on the policy of publications generated through open access. Download.
  • D2.5: The DMP is required by Open Research Data Pilot.