WP6 – Communication and Dissemination

The WP Communication and Dissemination aims at enhancing a two-way dialogue between the project and the project’s main stakeholders, as well as among the project partners themselves. The principal objective is to promote CERIC credit with stakeholders, enhance the trust of users, industrial sector and EC as a reliable partner. In addition, these communication measures will support the exchange of best practice among Research Infrastructures, both in the partnership and out.

The specific task objectives of this work package are:

  • Keeping relevant stakeholders aware and informed about ACCELERATE progress.
    Open and maintain a two-way dialog with stakeholders – EU administration, national governments (ministries) of countries where partners are present, European research infrastructures outside the partnership, industrial networks etc.
  • Provide assistance to activities and events of outreach to new communities (geographical, domain of research, industrial sectors).
  • Disseminate outputs (policy white papers, methodologies, results of pilots).
  • Assist exploitation of the outputs, in particular adoption of policies and maintaining new networks of contacts.


  • D6.1: Detailed development of the draft communication strategy presented in the proposal.  Download
  • D6.2: Adjustment and adoption of the Internal communication plan presented in the proposal.
  • D6.3: Launch of project’s key own electronic communication tools. Download
  • D6.4: Design and procurement of communication, promotion and marketing materials for the project. Download 
  • D6.5: Report on communication events and communication activities of other WPs thoughout the project. Download.
  • D6.6: Final dissemination event. Download.