Workshop on Impact Assessment, Evaluation and Monitoring of Research Infrastructures

December 16, 2020 – December 17, 2020 all-day

Recently, impact assessment and/or monitoring have been highlighted as an important element of long-term sustainability of research infrastructures by ESFRI, European Commission, Competitiveness Council as well as OECD. This has resulted in an adoption of a report Monitoring of Research Infrastructures Performance by ESFRI in 2019, and a focus on impact assessment and monitoring by a number of research infrastructures.

he workshop, which was held online on 16-17 December 2020, aimed at highlighting the recent developments in the field of impact assessment, scientific evaluation and monitoring of research infrastructures and is co-organized by three European Commission co/funded projects, ACCELERATE, ERIC Forum and RI-PATHS.

► The information booklet is available here.

► The program is available here.

► The workshop’s presentations are available here below:

> CERIC-ERIC’s Societal Return report, Jana Kolar (CERIC-ERIC)
> ERIC Forum’s survey on KPIs, Ute Gunsenheimer (European Spallation Source ERIC)
> Societal Impact of Research Infrastructures in context, Leonie van Drooge and Isabelle van Elzakker (Rathenau Institute)
> Scientific Evaluation: ICOS-ERIC, Werner Kutsch (ICOS-ERIC)
> Scientific Evaluation: European Research Infrastructure Evaluation Consortium (ERIEC), Dany Vandromme (HCÉRES)
> Scientific Evaluation: ECRIN-ERIC experience, Christine Kubiak(ECRIN-ERIC)
> Impact at the European Social Survey ERIC, Rory Fitzgerald (ESS-ERIC)
> ACCELERATE project: Societal impact protocol approach, Leonie van Drooge (Rathenau Instituut)
> ACCELERATE protocol: ELI-DC case study, Florian Gliksohn (ELI-DC)
> ACCELERATE protocol: ESS Bilbao case study, Sira Cordón (ESS Bilbao)
> ACCELERATE protocol: FRM II case study, Jürgen Neuhaus (FRM II)
> ACCELERATE protocol: HZG-GEMS case study, Marc Thiry (HZG)
> RI-PATHS project: Modular Socio-economic impact framework, Elina Griniece (EFIS Centre)
> RI-PATHS: Elixir case study, Corinne Martin (Elixir)
> RI-PATHS: CERN case study, Irene Del Rosario (CERN)
> RI-PATHS: ALBA case study, Gaston Garcia (ALBA)
> ICOS-ERIC case study Evi-Carita Riikonen(ICOS-ERIC)

► The workshop’s recordings are available here: Day 1 (Morning session)Day 1 (Parallel session 1), Day 1 (Parallel session 2)
► Programme Committee:
Salma Baghdadi, CERIC-ERIC
Ornela De Giacomo, CERIC-ERIC
Jana Kolar, CERIC-ERIC
Ute Gunseheimer, European Spallation Source ERIC
Lenka Unge, European Spallation Source ERIC
Elina Griniece, EFIS Centre
Alasdair Reid, EFIS Centre
Leonie Van Drooge, Rathenau Instituut
Isabelle van Elzakker, Rathenau Instituut
► Organising Committee:
Salma Baghdadi, CERIC-ERIC
Ornela De Giacomo, CERIC-ERIC
Jana Kolar, CERIC-ERIC


CERIC-ERIC is an integrated multidisciplinary Research Infrastructure open for basic and applied users in the fields of materials, biomaterials and nanotechnology. With a single entry point to excellent facilities, it allows structural investigation, analysis and synthesis of materials, using photon, electron, neutron, and ion based techniques.

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