Opportunities for Researchers

►  Fast track access

CERIC offers the possibility to gain access to some of its instruments for feasibility studies or very short measurements. The Austrian, Czech, Italian and Slovenian partner facilities will dedicate 5 days per semester to this modality of access, granted on demand until exhausted.

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► COVID-19 Fast Track Access

In order to facilitate the research on the COVID-19, CERIC has set up a dedicated Fast Track Access to a selected number of instruments. Read more here.

►  Promotion access

CERIC offers personalised support for the preparation of your proposal and measurements, as well as for data analysis and publication of the results.

Upon request, CERIC researchers can provide a personalised support for the:

  • Design of the experimental plan and proposal writing,
  • Follow-up during the measurements,
  • Support in data analysis, reporting and publication.

This support is free of charge.

For more information, click here.

The support provided in the frame of the Promotional Open Access will end in June 2021.

Dissemination of the scientific data:

As a pilot of open access of the H2020 project ACCELERATE, all scientific information generated must be available and reusable through online access that is free of charge to the end-user.

‘Scientific information’ can mean:
1. peer-reviewed scientific research articles (published in scholarly journals), or
2. research data (data underlying publications, curated data and/or raw data).

‘Access’ includes not only basic elements – the right to read, download and print – but also the right to copy, distribute, search, link, crawl and mine.

The 2 main routes to open access are:

Self-archiving / ‘green’ open access – the author, or a representative, archives (deposits) the published article or the final peer-reviewed manuscript in an online repository before, at the same time as, or after publication. Some publishers request that open access be granted only after an embargo period has elapsed.
Open access publishing / ‘gold’ open access – an article is immediately published in open access mode. In this model, the payment of publication costs is shifted away from subscribing readers.