WP3 – Industrial Liaison, Outreach and Technology Transfer Management

WP3 has the goal to develop policies and procedures for commercial access, to be embodied in sets of model documents (commercial access/service contracts, NDA/CDA, IP agreements, etc.), which will be compiled in a handbook of commercial access, which would be further reusable by other RIs.
The RI partners are proposing to organize and attend a number of research-to business events,to build, maintain and pamper industrial networks, by fostering the interaction with industry and, in particular, with SMEs.
The WP also aims at training TT staff with scientific, legal and economic backgrounds.
Finally, target events will be organized, to re-link R&D staff from the industrial sector with the research environment, for promoting awareness of RIs, their State-of-the-Art (SotA) instrumentation and of the available modes of commercial access.

The specific task objectives of this work package are:

  • Develop Commercial Access (ComA) procedures harmonized between RI partners resulting in a portfolio of RI services to industry.
  • Reach a framework agreement on IPR distribution in the internationally distributed RI environment with particular regard to the varieties of nationally specific laws, rules and customs.
  • Maintain and grow industrial networks, raise awareness of RI services to the industrial community, engage industrial R&D staff.
  • Support the training of young researchers for future industrial services of RIs, including scientific staff from industry, to keep updated on the current SotA in fundamental research.


  • D3.1: Compendium of developed model documents of commercial access/service agreements, non-disclosure agreements, and agreements on intellectual property rights. Download.
  • D3.2: White paper for a CERIC-wide policy for a default mechanism for resolution of multiple conflicting claims for intellectual property rights reflecting the international, multi-entity character of CERIC distributed RI.
  • D3.3: Report on the R2B events. Download.
  • D3.4: The first annual report on the short internships for prospective IL/TT staff. Download.
  • D3.5: Final report of the events for industrial R&D staff revisiting RIs and state-of-the-art instrumentation. Download.