CERIC Outreach to Scientific Communities in Romania

An introduction to a distributed European large-scale Research Infrastructure for Materials and Life Science

11 April 2019, Bucharest – Romania

CERIC continuously aims to reach and attract scientific communities in Europe through various activities. The objective is to support this target audience in their scientific career path through the available opportunities.

As part of the outreach actions for enlargement and international cooperation of the ACCELERATE project, a delegation of CERIC will meet researchers on April 11thin Bucharest to raise awareness among the scientific community in Romania.

The aim of the event is to meet researchers from research institutes and universities in Romania in order to introduce them to the opportunities available for them in CERIC and guide them in writing successful proposals to get free open access to top-class European Research Infrastructures.

During the event, CERIC’s partner facilities will be presented with a focus on the Hungarian, Polish and Romanian facilities, respectively the Budapest Neutron Centre, Synchrotron SOLARIS and the National Institute of Materials Physics. Researchers from each facility will take part in the event to present some of the techniques used as well as their application and examples from research projects.

The preliminary program of the session can be found here.

  • Registration:

You can register to the event here. Should you have any question or need any information, contact us at: accelerate@ceric-eric.eu

  • Venue:

The event will take place in Bucharest on April 11th, 2019. Stay tuned for more information regarding the venue’s address.